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Monday, January 31, 2005

Like mother, like daughter

Yup, I'm going back to Maine. No more Virginia for this chick, not for now at least. I honestly miss the snow. I never thought I would say that, but after being promised 1-5 inches 3 times in the last 3 weeks by the stupid weatherpeople down here without reward, I'm ready for another honest-to-goodness Maine snowstorm. I'm also excited to go and live with my mom. I loved visiting her apartment in NC and now I can live with her in her new apartment (when she gets it). I'm going to transfer to a school in the area and commute. That is the perfect arrangement for me since I like to be at home a lot. The third great thing about going back to Maine is the lower tuition. I am paying about $18000 right now because I am out-of-state, which really isn't fair cuz I'm already paying all kinds of extra incidentals because i'm far away from home, let alone a higher tuition. Anyways, the school I'm transferring to is only $5,500/year. Sounds like a much better deal, doesn't it? Overall I'm going to be happier and hopefully less stressed. But even if I am MORE stressed I have my family to lean on. The immediate effects are cool, too. Because I'm not coming back next year I don't have to worry about keeping a GPA that meets honors program standards, which equals WAY less stress for me. I doubt that I will fall under that GPA anyways, but it's always nice knowing you don't HAVE to.

1. Chatting with a friend
2. Making decisions that make me happy
3. Having something to look forward to

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Figure 1 Posted by Hello

Being a female 101

So, I'd like to ask you today, what is worse than the first day of your period (complete with cramps, back aches, and a general feeling of ickiness)? How about on top of that, having to sit through an hour and 15 minute long class telling me about just what I'm feeling and why? Yes, today was "learn about puberty day" in my Adolescent Development class. Now, I have a good base of general knowledge about my cycle. This isn't the first class (this year even) that has reviewed the cycle. BUT however intriguing it might be, it just seems to lose its charm when you're not just recalling previous cramps but dealing with them at the present moment. I just wanted Dr. B to shut up. You must understand that when in the fragile state of menstruation, a woman does not want to hear a MAN telling her about what she is going through. I mean really, what does a MAN know anyway? No amount of studying or sympathizing done by any male will yield understanding. Even Dr. B points out that there are few down sides to going through puberty as a male (finally one who will admit defeat!). Now, on any other day I would have been appreciative of Dr. B's knowledge and willingness to explain to a class of about 25 females and 5 males the anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system. But today was not that day, Dr. B! I must admit, however, that even in my disgust at the situation, I recognized how ballsy it was for him to brave the subject matter with ease. He had to suspect that out of 25 girls, at least a handfull would be menstruating as he spoke, and he, I might being going out on a limb saying this, is a hero among men. I say this because, honestly, how many men would be enthusiastic about talking to a room full of girls about "that time of the month"? Any slight bit of misinformation could have cost him his head, any word out of place or mistaken, he would have been a goner. I applaud Dr. B and at the same time curse him. He is a brave man, but I was just simply not in the mood for his heroics this afternoon. Gotta love being a girl. But I suppose being a man surrounded by women has its own trials, too. Too bad for Longwood guys- Longwood has a slightly weighty male/female ratio-only about 1 in 5 students are male. My advice to any male: steer clear of telling a women about how she is feeling on those days when you couldn't possibly understand- and on the other days, steer clear anyways, cuz chances are you may still suffer serious consequences.

Before I go I would also like to curse Virginia's wacky weather. Yesterday got to 50 degrees and the air smelled like spring! Unfortunately today I awoke to a very windy 28 degrees.

1. Make-it-yourself dhall waffles! Soooo good!
2. Ebay
3. Things that make you go "hmmmm" : Demented Cartoon (Don't click on the link unless you have a half an hour to waste and you feel like watching something very puzzling and pointless, but I found it funny despite it's obvious lack of meaning and sanity)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hum drum

Booooring! That is a summary of my day. I started off hearing the 3rd lecture this year on how to use the library's resources to find information. God, I've had that speech every semester since I was first introduced to research. For some reason people just don't give us kids the benefit of the doubt when it comes to using technology. Chances are I could have figured out EVERYTHING that lady told us today all on my own. It's called the "trial and error" method and I learned THAT a long time ago, too. Anyhow, next up was my history lecture class (I'm sure you can all imagine what that was like) and then on to sociology, which was spent coming up with a topic in groups for a survey project. My group was done in the first two minutes, leaving 48 minutes to sit and stare at one another. Fun day so far! I have to say, in my day's defense, that I did eat lunch at Chik-fil-A, which is always a treat. However, that does not salvage my day! But, to brighten things up I will mention a few cool things that have happened lately:
1. I got mail from Shain's (aka Stacie and Allie)
2. I bought a dress for $5.50 on ebay (well $11 with shipping)
3. A have a secret Valentine who I get to buy stuff for (from my hall)

Monday, January 24, 2005

Thank you

My mom was rather hurt that I forgot to mention my blog's recent makeover, so I'm going to take time now to thank her for putting her time into making my blog look beautiful. If you would like to compliment her on her wonderful blog-prettifying skills (which I would highly encourage, since I totally dropped the ball- yes, I'm asking you to make up for my ungratefullness!) you can drop her a note at Princess Girly Girl's Blog .

And, just to continue my rant from yesterday: Winter's woes strike again! Although every public school in the surrounding area- including this county- was out of school today, we had classes. Granted, there was no apparent reason for classes to be cancelled and we are a university (roll eyes here) , but jeez, EVERYONE ELSE was out. GRRR. Instead I had to walk to class in the frigid temps at 8am. It was 10 degrees this morning! In southern VA! I don't get it, the "Snow Miser" hates me!

On an upbeat note: I have recently become very excited about an almost forgotten thing. Have I ever mentioned that I love Harry Potter? Not HP himself, but I'm obsessed with the books. So what am I so excited about? Well, if you're any sort of HP fan yourself you know just what I'm talking about. Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It is being released this July. Let me tell you, as soon as I get my money misadventures sorted out you can bet that I'll be reserving a copy on Amazon.com. I just recently realized I didn't remember much from Order of the Pheonix so I am reading it for the second time to remind myself (it is the only one I haven't read twice). I forgot how nice it is to have some leisure reading amongst all the monotonous text book reading. I am happy to say I found that pleasure once again!

1. Harry Potter!
2. Giving advice to a good friend
3. Linkin Park and Jay-Z
Wait there are FOUR today! PATRIOTS KICKED ASS LAST NIGHT! Superbowl bound, baby!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Wow, I escaped just in time! That's my granpa snow blowing the foot of snow that they got in Maine this weekend. Posted by Hello

Ice and football

It's hard to blog when your naked boyfriend lay in the bed trying to seduce you. I know you don't want to hear that. It is far too much info, I know, but I just want you to know the sort of goofy things that have stood between me and writing a new post. Anyways, I will get down to it. You know, I thought that I had had quite enough winter for this year and I was releived to hear that while I was freezing in the snowy north over winter break, the south was getting spring-like temps and there was no sign of snow. However, as per my luck, the week I get back to school the temps dropped and the snow began to fall. What ticks me off even more is the fact that the snow is minimal. I know I said I was done with winter, but seriously, if we're gonna get snow, for god sakes let's get enough to cancel classes and to play in. No! Instead we get a dusting of snow which turns into sleet and we're left to slip and slide to D-hall*. And of course, the ice that could have possibly gotten us out of class didn't fall on a weekday, but on a Saturday. Blah! No fun!

Dear Winter,
Either go away, or be a little more accomadating!

There is only one thing that could salvage this weekend. You guessed it- a Patriots win in the AFC Championship game against the Steelers. God, if you think I hate winter, try being in the same room with me while watching the game today. The Steelers are the bane of my existence.

Well, I'm trying to make the best of this crappy weekend. Let's go Pats!

Today's three beautiful things
1. football
2. watching people down here try to clean up after the storm- what a laugh!
3. eating potatoes for breakfast

*for those of you who don't know college lingo- dhall is short for the dining hall

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Back to school

It's been way too long! Sorry to anyone who has been looking for fresh new post in the past month. Well, I'm back at school and I love it. I'm having a much better time. And based on the fact that I slept on my grandparents' couch for a month (not dissing that couch-its damn comfy), I am very happy to be sleeping in a bed now- with my own space and a place for all of my things. My classes seem pretty decent even though they may be a bit of work- at least I don't have spanish again. I've got to go for now, CSI: Miami is on (and its the only new CSI episode this week) but I promise to write more now that I am back.

Great things about today:
1. Both of my labs were cancelled (on the first day of class!!)
2. Billy (my b/f) is in one of my classes.