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Thursday, April 28, 2005

'Secrets don't make friends"... but some secrets don't need friends

Have you ever had a secret? A secret that even some of the closest people to you don't know about? I'm not talking anything dangerous or horribly deep and dark, but important just the same. It's not that you think the people close to you won't like/accept/support/etc. you if you tell them, its more that you enjoy having this one thing to yourself; to be completely yours for as long as you wish. Well I had a dream about my secret today while I was napping. I don't really think of 'my secret' often so it was really strange for it to turn up in my dream and be so damn detailed. I have to say it is on my mind now. There is one other person who knows of 'my secret', but not because I told him/her, but because he/she was there when the secret was 'formed'. It isn't any of the usual culprits: mom, boyfriend, best friend, etc. It is just someone who I know probably enjoys 'the secret' as much as I do. It may seem childish to like having ' my secret', but I don't care. This is something that makes me smile and when I think about it can lead to interesting and deep thoughts about who I am that I otherwise would not contemplate. No matter what you may think about having a secret, I am going to tell you that secrets are just as versatile as people are. Some secrets are better to be told, others better kept under wraps, and others give you the freedom of knowing you have something that you and only you can take pleasure in as you see fit. Some secrets will hold you back, but others will set you free.

1. Tomorrow (well today, in 2 minutes) is the last day of classes of my freshman year of college.
2. Personalized shirts- mine says Hermione, but I won't explain why, I'll just leave you to guess..
3. A CSI episode revealing the dangerous jobs us psychology majors could one day find ourselves in. eek! maybe thats not so 'beautiful' but knowing all the lingo made me feel smart :D

Thursday, April 21, 2005

"...just watchin the tide roll away..."

Well, maybe not the tide, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing something equally as unproductive. It's more like staring at the computer screen, but I like to romanticize things. Besides, I wish I was watching the tide rolling in and out. Ahhh, the ocean is calling to me... Here's what I want to do right now- I wanna take my towel and lay on the beach (naked would be ideal, but I am not that comfortable- so we'll say in my bikini) close my eyes and just listen to the ocean. It's no wonder they make those 'soothing sounds of the ocean' tapes to listen to. I mean have you ever just gone to the beach to listen to the ocean? Of course you know what the waves crashing onto shore sound like, but do you listen for the birds in the distance? And when you hear the waves, do you think about the depths of the ocean? Do you get lost in thoughts of what lies beneath the foamy surface? And when you go home after a day by the sea, does the smell of salt in your hair take you back to that moment? Is the memory so vivid that you could swear you were back there? When you put your toes in the sand, do you feel the sand? Every grain sliding against the sole of your foot? If you answered no to any of these questions, I suggest a trip to the beach ASAP. You cannot live without feeling the ocean. It's so pure and untouched by man. There are no cities beneath the waters, no paved highways, no fortune 5oo companies, no war... Now I know I am starting to sound like a hippy or an activist of some sort, but by no means am I a 'tree hugger' or a fan of John Kerry (not a fan of Bush either, so calm down). I am not talking politics here, I'm not talking conservation, preservation, environmentalist fodder. I am talking about spending some quality time with the edge of the continent. The ocean will teach you some things if you hang around for a little bit. It will make you feel small and humble. It will make you feel grateful. It will make you feel simpler than you have ever felt. It is like a really good full body massage... for free! It will erase all of your worries and make you think deeper more meaningful thoughts. It is a perfect thing, the mighty ocean. I have not even begun to explain to you what the ocean feels like. It is something that must be witnessed. Oh, to be there now...

1. thoughts of the ocean
2. a really good stretch
3. chocolate when you really need it

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

blahdy blah blah

We have an apartment! YAY! I am sooooo excited. Well I am too tired to write anything worth reading so I will be back when I have the inspiration/motivation. Thanks for stopping by though.

1. meeting cool people through facebook
2. getting a little bit of a tan
3. procrastinating... just because

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spring? Weekend

Well you see, this weekend is what we call here at LU SPRING WEEKEND. This means lots of live music, a fair-type thing with booths run by the various organizations, a couple of fun events/contests (such as oozeball= a muddy version of volleyball, and the chili cookoff), and of course lots of 'after' parties thrown by fraternities or anyone with access to a good amount of alcohol. Of course I don't really count the parties as part of this weekend's festivities because coincidentally, parties just happen to be part of every weekend here. People do tend to get drunk a little earlier on weekends such as these, and often feel ambitious enough to conceal their alcoholic concoctions in soda bottles and take them into public. Note to self: when trying to hide the fact that you have an illegal beverage posing as regular old soda pop, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT put rum and coke in a mountain dew bottle (granted you may be drunk already, but come on, how drunk is too drunk to realize that mountain dew is green and rum and coke is not). So anyways, besides it being just another excuse for us college students to party, I suppose it is a good way to get out and enjoy spring weather and socialize. However, I do not feel that after experiencing several days of 70 degree weather and one or two 80 degree days, that is fair to label today a spring day. Granted it wasn't freezing, but mildly chilly. But really, if I wanted my spring day to be chilly I wouldn't be here. Oh no, Maine does chilly way better than Virginia ever thought of doing. Guess what Virginia is good at? Throwing you a weather curve ball just when you least expect/want it. Today was a good day, but I know that with a tank top and shorts it would have been much better. So after making the Honors Program booth into a 'fortune telling' booth, we rotated between the outdoor festivities and indoor facilities to warm up.

Bad news. Mom was unable to get Tim McGraw tickets this morning meaning she will now have to look for a new way to gain my eternal love. Good luck, Mom- hint: you may want to peruse the list in my last entry ;)

Well anyways, my hands and feet are still quite chilly and I feel the need to warm them up so I am going to leave you with the 3BT for today:
1. EVERCLEAR - free on campus concert that brought back some good memories
"I will buy you a garden where your flowers can bloom
I will buy you a new car, perfect shiny and new
I will buy you that big house way up in the west hills
I will buy you a new life
Yes I will"

2. Lays kettle cooked potato chips- I don't know why, but I am obsessed with their crunchy goodness
3. Having multiple wubies to curl up under on chilly days. If you don't know what a wubie is... a. you are deprived, b. you were not loved as a child, and c. well, I guess you will have to ask and I will tell you because you cannot go through life without at least one wubie.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gummi Bears and Metal

I'm eating refrigerated gummi bears, listening to Metallica's Whiskey in the Jar (super duper song) and I am bored. I should be reading something really boring for my western civ class, but as usual I am using my blog to procrastinate. I tell myself you haven't posted in a while, you really should. And in this way I can justify my procrastination. I rock. Have you ever noticed that Brach's gummi bears have pads on their feet? A small detail, but still I was quite surprised to notice this. Every other feature is very simplified and basic, but these super yummy bears have pads on their feet! Its just crazy if you think about it. I don't think I every really thought the yellow ones were very good, but I am realizing that they are in fact quite delicious. Sometimes boredom can be good because it forces you to notice things you otherwise would not. I am not a fan of boredom in general- just simply 'looking on the bright side' so to speak. You know what else I am currently appreciating? The fact that I have SO MUCH Metallica on my computer that when I put it on shuffle almost every other song is Metallica. This is quite the amazing feat considering I have 621 songs in my media player library. I watched their documentary Some Kind of Monster the other night... it really made me want to see them in concert. So if you ever were in need of convincing me to love you forever, tickets to a Metallica concert would be sure to seal the deal. Example of how this works: Mom is taking me to a Tim McGraw concert in September, and so I will continue to acknowledge that she is the best mom in the world and therefore love her forever. See how this works? Other concerts that may apply: Kenny Chesney, Greenday, Matchbox Twenty (yes, I have seen them once, but...), Dave Matthews Band, Guster (I'd like to see them again, too), Rob Zombie (this could include, but is not limited to Ozzfest), Garth Brooks, Ludacris, and Linkin Park. Okay, thats about it, but there are obviously other things you could do to gain my affection, but since I am a big fan of creativity I will not go on to spoil all the fun. Awww... my gummi bears are gone. Hey! Remember that show? Gummi Bears... 'bouncing here and there and everywhere..." Oh yeah, that was a good show. What happened to all of the good cartoons anyways? Where's Tailspin and Rescue Rangers? Oh yeah and Darkwing Duck ("I am the terror that flaps in the Night")? Disney had some good shows like Adventures in Wonderland (loved that show!) So Weird, etc. Now it has gotten ridiculous... not a fan.

Well I'm sure you are looking for an update so here are the highlights:
Went to Busch Gardens on Sunday- crazy fun!
This weekend is Spring Weekend which means crazy festival type thingy on campus.
Classes are going well- no more tests til finals and the projects are slowing down.
23 days left til I'm home!
Generally things are good!

Here are some wise words from my friend Dave Matthews:

"Turns out not where but who you're with
That really matters
And hurts not much when you're around
And if you hold on tight
To what you think is your thing
You may find you're missing all the rest

Turns out not where but what you think
That really matters
We'll make the best of what's around"

Well that is it for today, I guess I should try to read so that I am free for my 2 big TV nights of the week:
8pm- Lost (ABC)
10pm- CSI: New York (CBS)
8pm- Survivor: Palau (CBS)
9pm- CSI (Vegas, this is the original and by far the best!) (CBS) Grissom AND Greg are hotties! And if you are of the male persuasion I have heard that, despite her plainness, Sara Sidle is quite the cutie and I personally think Catherine is pretty hot. Just more incentive to watch the best show on Earth. :)

So if you have nothing to do, you should consider tuning in because these shows rock my socks! Well, except Survivor, I got sucked into that one, not my fault- I wouldn't recommend it (see previous post Sucked in by reality).

1. The tiny pads on gummi bear feet
2. Mixin it up between Guster and Metallica
3. Comfy days where you scrub it in jeans and a sweatshirt

Friday, April 01, 2005

Well it seems that my bed and I have become increasingly unfamiliar with each other in last week. It is going on to 1:30 am and I am not even thinking about bed really. Not that I am not tired, but I have had a tough time getting to sleep lately so I figure if I wait until I get really tired I won't have to toss and turn first. The reason I probably can't get to sleep is the caffeine. Since I have been at school I have started to drink more soda. First of all its just plain more readily available and often times cheaper than water (go figure). So anyways, when I first started noticing myself drinking more soda I decided it would be in my best interest to try and switch to diet soda in order to cut down on the sugar, thus hopefully preventing the freshman 15. Well back then I was only drinking a relatively medium sized glass of soda at lunch and dinner. Switching to diet was a bad idea. I thought that I had decided never to drink diet soda unless absolutely necessary, but here I am enjoying the damn stuff! Yeah, it happened. You know, its like switching to skim milk, you start off in the beginning not really liking it but before long you like it better than whole milk. So yes, I have now become a diet soda addict (mostly diet pepsi and diet dr. pepper). I guess since it is diet I feel like I can drink it as much as I want. Today I drank 48 ounces in total. This is getting a little out of hand? Someone please tell me something bad about diet soda so that I won't drink so much! Tell me that its eating away my insides... anything! I'm becoming a caffeine addict. Perhaps its time to switch to diet caffeine free. Well anyways here I am, suffering from my caffeine addiction.

The last couple of days have been pretty uneventful. I mean, its hard to top a porn party, but come on! Bio class was kinda neat for once. We talked about Ligers and Tigons which are hybrids produced from lions breeding with tigers. They are neat, but they are also kind of sad. It is unfortunate that they are sterile and were produced for nothing but curiosity really. I also decided in class that I want a blue-footed booby for a pet because it does a really cool mating dance and it is really cute. You can see a picture of it doing its dance here.

Oh! I am very excited... Tomorrow night is Girl's Night Out for the ladies of ARC. We are dressing up in our semi formal wear, having mocktails in the lounge, then heading to a local restaraunt for some dessert and girl time. Sounds like a good time to me!

Well, I really should get to bed... I have a test tomorrow at 10 and I haven't really caught up from Monday night.

1. Ligers and Tigons and Blue footed boobies... Oh My!
2. CSI NY, CSI Vegas, and Lost all had new episodes this week
3. open windows