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Thursday, April 21, 2005

"...just watchin the tide roll away..."

Well, maybe not the tide, but I'm pretty sure I'm doing something equally as unproductive. It's more like staring at the computer screen, but I like to romanticize things. Besides, I wish I was watching the tide rolling in and out. Ahhh, the ocean is calling to me... Here's what I want to do right now- I wanna take my towel and lay on the beach (naked would be ideal, but I am not that comfortable- so we'll say in my bikini) close my eyes and just listen to the ocean. It's no wonder they make those 'soothing sounds of the ocean' tapes to listen to. I mean have you ever just gone to the beach to listen to the ocean? Of course you know what the waves crashing onto shore sound like, but do you listen for the birds in the distance? And when you hear the waves, do you think about the depths of the ocean? Do you get lost in thoughts of what lies beneath the foamy surface? And when you go home after a day by the sea, does the smell of salt in your hair take you back to that moment? Is the memory so vivid that you could swear you were back there? When you put your toes in the sand, do you feel the sand? Every grain sliding against the sole of your foot? If you answered no to any of these questions, I suggest a trip to the beach ASAP. You cannot live without feeling the ocean. It's so pure and untouched by man. There are no cities beneath the waters, no paved highways, no fortune 5oo companies, no war... Now I know I am starting to sound like a hippy or an activist of some sort, but by no means am I a 'tree hugger' or a fan of John Kerry (not a fan of Bush either, so calm down). I am not talking politics here, I'm not talking conservation, preservation, environmentalist fodder. I am talking about spending some quality time with the edge of the continent. The ocean will teach you some things if you hang around for a little bit. It will make you feel small and humble. It will make you feel grateful. It will make you feel simpler than you have ever felt. It is like a really good full body massage... for free! It will erase all of your worries and make you think deeper more meaningful thoughts. It is a perfect thing, the mighty ocean. I have not even begun to explain to you what the ocean feels like. It is something that must be witnessed. Oh, to be there now...

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