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Thursday, April 28, 2005

'Secrets don't make friends"... but some secrets don't need friends

Have you ever had a secret? A secret that even some of the closest people to you don't know about? I'm not talking anything dangerous or horribly deep and dark, but important just the same. It's not that you think the people close to you won't like/accept/support/etc. you if you tell them, its more that you enjoy having this one thing to yourself; to be completely yours for as long as you wish. Well I had a dream about my secret today while I was napping. I don't really think of 'my secret' often so it was really strange for it to turn up in my dream and be so damn detailed. I have to say it is on my mind now. There is one other person who knows of 'my secret', but not because I told him/her, but because he/she was there when the secret was 'formed'. It isn't any of the usual culprits: mom, boyfriend, best friend, etc. It is just someone who I know probably enjoys 'the secret' as much as I do. It may seem childish to like having ' my secret', but I don't care. This is something that makes me smile and when I think about it can lead to interesting and deep thoughts about who I am that I otherwise would not contemplate. No matter what you may think about having a secret, I am going to tell you that secrets are just as versatile as people are. Some secrets are better to be told, others better kept under wraps, and others give you the freedom of knowing you have something that you and only you can take pleasure in as you see fit. Some secrets will hold you back, but others will set you free.

1. Tomorrow (well today, in 2 minutes) is the last day of classes of my freshman year of college.
2. Personalized shirts- mine says Hermione, but I won't explain why, I'll just leave you to guess..
3. A CSI episode revealing the dangerous jobs us psychology majors could one day find ourselves in. eek! maybe thats not so 'beautiful' but knowing all the lingo made me feel smart :D