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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Here I Go Again...

Yup, I'm on the move once again. This is the second time in my life that I have moved back to Maine from Virginia. The second time doesn't make it any easier. Sure I'm happy to be going back to my family and taking a lot of stress away by commuting to school and saving myself A LOT of cash. I'm also happy to be living in an apartment with people I love. This year I will get to see my brother in the marching band and go to his concerts, I can be there to talk to him about his 'girl problems'. I'll be able to have a more stable job since I will have easy access to my car (and if you're wondering about this, you should just see how far my car was parked away from campus- might as well have left it in Maine). I will get to see my family whenever I need/want to. It will be beautiful. But with all the wonderful things I am looking forward to I am also dreading leaving FarmVegas. Longwood is such a great place. It is comfortable and inviting. My super cool suitemates, my roommate (for as much as we didn't really become best friends or anything, she was always good company and we never had any problems), all of the honors kids (nicest, coolest people EVER), the friends I met through Billy (God love 'the boys'- Dan and Josh, the two awesomest theatre majors ever). Then there were the super professors I had. Dr. Buchert and Dr. Laws kicked some serious psych butt! And Dr. Salyer, or should I say Greg, wow! There are no facts and history is only a matter of opinion. Also, thanks to Greg I am in love with Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. I had such a blast and at the same time learned more than in all my other classes combined. All in all there are some of the greatest people on earth here. Not to mention all the luxuries of college that I'm going to miss like walking only a few steps and having food already cooked and ready to eat- a pretty good variety, too. Then there's having the library right across from my residence hall, being able to go next door or down the hall to hang out, none of this making plans stuff, its all spontaneity here, baby. What a great experience. I can't believe its over already. It is so bittersweet. I've learned a lot and I've grown, but I'm still the same person and I'm about to close another short chapter and begin a new one and I believe I really am ready. Time to say 'goodbye', I will never forget the great times, but it is time to go make some new memories. I'm ready, here I go...

1. being only 2 days away from seeing my family
2. having one more day here that I can cherish
3. knowing that I'm gonna be alright

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Final what?

In a few minutes I will be heading off to my 2nd exam of the week, Adolescent Development. This could be perhaps one of the most dreaded finals I am taking. 10 essay questions in an hour and a half makes me wanna jump off a cliff, especially at 9am. I don't feel confident at all about the subject matter, mainly because we have not talked about it for 2 weeks while we were doing presentations. I mean there is a level of bullshit that can be said about adolescent dating, love, and sexuality, but I am afraid not 10 essays worth. I had my psych research methods exam yesterday that seemed to go quite well. I don't have ANY exams tomorrow, but I desperately need to work on my take home final that is due Thursday. Thursday is Sociology exam, then Friday is Bio and then I am done. Thank God! I'm beginning to get really sick of being at school. Time to have my very own space again. It will be really nice to only be living with 2 other people. Well, I gotta get going, so I'm out for now. I know this was neither inspiring nor entertaining, but hey, give me a break its finals week.

1. Having most of my stuff packed
2. Having no more classes
3. Getting a care package just in time for exams