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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Final what?

In a few minutes I will be heading off to my 2nd exam of the week, Adolescent Development. This could be perhaps one of the most dreaded finals I am taking. 10 essay questions in an hour and a half makes me wanna jump off a cliff, especially at 9am. I don't feel confident at all about the subject matter, mainly because we have not talked about it for 2 weeks while we were doing presentations. I mean there is a level of bullshit that can be said about adolescent dating, love, and sexuality, but I am afraid not 10 essays worth. I had my psych research methods exam yesterday that seemed to go quite well. I don't have ANY exams tomorrow, but I desperately need to work on my take home final that is due Thursday. Thursday is Sociology exam, then Friday is Bio and then I am done. Thank God! I'm beginning to get really sick of being at school. Time to have my very own space again. It will be really nice to only be living with 2 other people. Well, I gotta get going, so I'm out for now. I know this was neither inspiring nor entertaining, but hey, give me a break its finals week.

1. Having most of my stuff packed
2. Having no more classes
3. Getting a care package just in time for exams