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Monday, June 20, 2005

I need a life... that includes a new job

I don't want to write. I feel the NEED to update, but I really don't want to. Nothing interesting goes on and if it does I'm too busy to write about it and after a few weeks have gone by I can never recall it while sitting in front of the computer screen (or under it in the case of my laptop). So anyways, I'm working at this temp job selling cellular product, fielding customer complaints, taking bill payments and pretty much trying to fix anything that might go wrong with phones, billing, and overall service. There is a lot to what I do, or should do, stuff that even if I was with the company for years I may never know how to do. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate not knowing how to do things? Its so hard to learn too- with all my 'experienced' co-workers being almost always too busy to train me so that if I have a question or don't know how to do something I either have to interrupt them and their customer or stand there looking like an idiot waiting for them to be done. It's soooo frustrating. And stressful. People are very touchy about their cellular service. Anyways, there's way too much for me to mess up, way too much I still don't know (after a whole month), too many nights working later than I am scheduled, way too many unhappy customers... yeah, you get the picture. I hate my job. I think I'm going to give my 2 weeks notice tomorrow. Especially since I really don't have any sort of a life right now. I really appreciate the money, but I gotta do more than work, eat, sleep. I'm too young to spend my summer just working- I gotta get out and have some funky times. Okay so you as my witness I'm starting right now making sure I have a fun time this summer. So if you notice me slipping into a routine, yell at me! See now I've dragged you into this. No, no, I won't let you wash your hands of this, you're gonna help me out. Thanks in advance! :)

1. chicken patties
2. daddy
3. making plans to get out of the house