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Sunday, August 14, 2005

By the beard of Zeus...

I had such a great time last week! Camping, shopping, laughing, eating, bowling, watching movies, talking... it was the best time! But it was not the things we did, the movies we watched, the food we ate, or the jokes we told that made it that way. How do I know? Because even the times we said nothing, did nothing, watched nothing, ate nothing, I was still having an amazing time. You see, the week was not set aside for sight seeing or entertaining ourselves. It was for enjoying the time together, for remembering old times and forming new memories, for catching up and realizing that nothing has really changed, at least not between the two of us. It was also a time for comiserating, swapping advice, and mostly just for loving one another. Yes, this sounds mushy, and maybe you, reader, may even be getting the wrong idea. I am not talking about a boyfriend, no, I am talking about my best friend. I have found there to be no replacement for a best friend. You have one and only one true best friend in life. My boyfriend put it this way after meeting Stan,"No wonder you don't make many new friends, none could possibly live up to her." Now, granted I have made plenty of friends in my travels, some better than others, but I have been rather reluctant to spend the sort of time and effort needed to become more than just 'occasional' friends. Oh, you don't know what an occasional friend is? Well it is the friend that you don't really call much, only spend time with sporadically and infrequently, and only feel 50% comfortable with. Since Stan, I have made nothing but occasional friends. I don't know if I am just afraid, but I like to believe that it is because that spot in my life is filled. Stan and I use to spend as much time together as our parents and school would allow. Now I have seen her only twice in the last 6 years. But it has been proven that we can pick up right where we left off. It's not awkward like it is with occasional friends that you haven't seen in a couple months. Years and miles leave no scars on this friendship. It is truly the best thing, knowing that out there, only a phone call or plane ride away I have someone who always understands, who will always laugh with me and cry with me, who will sit in silence not feeling awkward but thinking about how nice it is to have me as a friend. Miles shmiles... someday I know we will live right down the street from each other swapping advice, laughs, and occasionally maybe even clothes. :) It's destiny. May the force be with us.

Stan, I do hope to see you again soon. But beware if you come up here, bring all your prized possesions because I just might not let you leave. ;)

1. Stan
2. Stan
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